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Dr. John Watson D.C.

 Vocation and dedication to patient health care is our guiding principle. The practice's sole purpose is to properly diagnose and treat folks with the highest quality on the planet. If this were a business, I would quit! With my personal story of dealing with a birth defect in my lower back, it has truly lead to my dedication and knowledge of treatment. I often joke, "I wish I didn't know so much about back and spinal pain"! When something affects you personally it really gets your attention. I have personal experience with all chiropractic techniques. Physical therapy, medications, cortisone shots, and surgery are a few of the techniques I know. I found that finding the root of the problem is the key. For instance, a rotated hip will affect the knees, lower back, mid back, and neck. Without resolving the root problem, you will be spinning your wheels. We start with digital x-rays and I look for biomechanical imbalances, birth defects, bone density, arthritis, and so on. I then check the range of motion in the neck to the hips, again looking for imbalances, fixations, and muscle spasms. The biggest issue I look for is forward head syndrome. Forward head syndrome simply stated is the "slumping" in posture that is an epidemic leading to a variety of chronic and worsening symptoms. Some of the symptoms include the following: headaches, tingling arms, tingling legs, neck pain, stiffness, mid back burning, and low back pain. Medication will not address the problem and many times this forward leaning or kyphosis is genetic, but treatable. After the treatments, I focus on standing erect and pushing the sternum forward. This helps release the spine and muscles. This means you have to be willing to change your daily habits and that is difficult. Chiropractic is the only way I have found to treat this issue. The great news is there is a solution, but it does require teamwork. When a patient comes in seeking care I take it personally to find out the true origin of the problem. If I find the problem is out of my expertise, I refer them to another outstanding health professional. If it is a chiropractic issue, I roll up my sleeve and get to work!

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