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Adjustments are on a walk-in basis! No appointments are needed! We do recommend that if you have not been to our office before, that you call and make an appointment. Click the red "New Patient" button to find out more about becoming a patient of ours. 

Therapy & Deep Heat

Dr. Watson relies on the therapy and deep heat for his adjustments. Before each adjustment, he recommends that you take the 8 minutes to get the therapy and deep heat. This will really help relax the muscles. You will definitely see a difference in your adjustment. 


We have nine wonderful massage therapists. The massages are by appointment only. They are full-body and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Most patients schedule a 1 hour massage. Our massage therapists are highly trained and specialize in different types of massages. Combining the massages with the adjustments does wonders! Call and schedule one today!

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