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"I came into Dr. Watson's and met a friendly and caring staff. Dr. Watson is very friendly and caring. He adjusts me and I am ready to go. Adjustments also help migrances. :)"

"What can I say...John Watson is THE BEST."

"Dr. Watson works miracles! Never fails to provide relief!"

"If only John did attitude adjustments :)"

"Their massages are the best!!"

"Dr. Watson has kept me in line for the last four years, plus he has helped me keep working!"

"I live in Rushville County and Watson Chiropractic Center has helped me so much with my back pain. I have never known a doctor to take patients as a walk-ins and no appointments needed. Thank you Dr. Watson and his staff for all your help."

"He has done wonderful for me and my wife on everyday life"

"Big thanks to Dr. Watson. He has done more for me in one year than others have in five years. So glad I came here!!!"

"Really nice, caring, loving people."

"There massages are the best!!"

"Massages are wonderful! They also make my adjustments easier to move and align."

"Dr. Watson has really helped me, since I have been coming here. First relief I have had in a long time."

"Dr. John Watson is an awesome chiropractor. His office is very friendly and the massages are fabulous."

"Wonderful Results since 2001."

"Dr. Watson Does a good job with his clients. He made me feel good and young. HIs staff does a good job too."

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